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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Benefit Part II

I brought my good camera to capture the special moments at the benefit for the family of baby Mikey.  I ended up putting my camera back in the car without takingone picture because it was so packed.  So here's the best shot I have of Mike's father making a very moving speech thanking everyone.  Mike and Theresa are in the background.

Grandma Shirley and Mommy Theresa.  The tables of the silent auction baskets went back about 100 feet on the left and right of them and way down to the left as well.

I am the proud winner of a $100 gift certificate to Pump It Up, 12 games of bowling and 50 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Yay!

There are my girls!  They are good friends!  We had a blast together.

Even if you've known me my whole life you may have never heard me speak the dreaded words,
 "My camera is dead!"  Unfortunately it happened here.  I didn't get a picture with
Auntie Sandy, grandma, dad, Deb or Mark.
:( So sad.

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