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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mikey's Benefit

Tonight was the benefit for this beautiful family.  It was very important for my husband and me to be there.  I had know idea what to expevt.  I mean it's a benefit.  You pay.  You eat.  You're outta there.  Oh no people!  Not this benefit!  We had to park in the overflow at 4:00!  It was a packed rockin' party!  There were people selling tix when you walked in the door, 80's band blaring and my aunt and grandma already waiting at a table for us.  My dad and Deb & 6 teachers came.  I felt happy just for our little table.  This place was rockin'!  We ended up spending over three hours there.  I couldn't wait to post about this until I have uploaded pics.  I love the Guenthers.  They are an amazingly generous family.  Thank you to my own family and friends who supported me by supporting them! 

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