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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Finale and A Lot of Puke

Mark and I have watched Big Brother three times a week for the last 12 weeks.  That's major commitment to a reality show.  Tonight is the finale.

I took the kids to Mama Deb's bday dinner.  Then got the kids settled in to bed peacefully.  Mark came home and we settled comfortably on the couch with some snacks and started to watch.  In the first hour Victoria vomited all over.  I gave her a bath while Mark changed sheets and cleaned up.

Got her little body into new Scooby jammies and settled back in.  She drifted right back to sleep.  I made myself a Lean Pocket ready to find out the winner. . .

Then Christian vomitted EVERYWHERE!  I gave him a bath while Mark cleaned up the sheets and floor.

I used our new online sub caller.

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR MY STUDENT TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much sleep will I get tonight.  I have a feeling it's either going to be very quiet around here or very messy.

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