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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bad Word Police

I live with a member of the Bad Word Police.  She's about 31 pounds and 36" but she's tough.  She can hear a bad word rooms away.  From the back seat when I'm on the phone.  And the worse things is that bad words I'm talking about are the 'H' word. . .hate or the 'S' word.  . .sucks.
Of course I try not to use the words but sometimes they do slip out when I'm speaking to another adult when I don't think little ears are listening.  Which apparently she's like Santa and hears everything.  Sometimes she thinks she hears a bad word and I go back in my mind of the last few sentences I said and everything is appropriate.  But she's always right, so you might as well just apologize and move on.  Because she's certain of what she heard.

It's rough stuff living with a member of the Bad Word Police.

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