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Monday, October 11, 2010

Many Ups and Downs Of My Day

Up #1: Christian waited until 6am to come and cuddle.  Oooohhh I love that 20 minutes in the morning with his little arms wrapped around my neck.

Down #1: Christian pooped all over the carpet downstairs.  He's really (really seriously) potty trained without a diaper on.  He poops and pees in the toilet when he doesn't wear a diaper.  But apparently making a train track comes before stopping to go in the toilet.

Down # 2: Cleaning it all up.  V thought it was her duty to give him the business.  When I told her it wasn't any of her business she replied, "I think it is.  I am the big sister you know."  Yes, yes we all know.

Down #3: Arrived at school to find Bob the Fish dead ALREADY!  I just bought him on Thursday!  I looked like he kicked the bucket right after I turned off the lights on Friday too.

Up #2: Had a good mtg before school.

Down #4: A woman asked me at school when I am due.  Ohhh, that hurt!

Up #3: Discovered the main highway to get us to the gym is OPEN!!!!!!  It's been one lane since spring!!

Up #4: Actually worked out at the gym (see down #4) that we pay a small fortune for each and every month.

Down # 5: THREE glasses of spilled milk at dinner.  One doesn't phase me.  Two I give verbal reminders and push all milk away from the edge of the table.  But three in 20 minutes, come on people!!!!

Up #5: Both children were angels putting to bed and they were sleeping peacefully within minutes of walking out of their rooms. 

I'm going to stop there with the ups and downs of my day because they're even.  If I keep going they may tip one way.

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