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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rehearsal and Dinner at Jax Cafe

The night before Abbey and Jason's wedding they had a rehearsal. Victoria felt like a million bucks being the only kid there. She loved getting dressed up and all the attention she got there. She did want to practice. Unfortunately, the basket wasn't there for her to practice with.   It didn't matter in the end.

 Victoria loved to hang out with Kelsey!  They were best buds by the end of the weekend.
What little girl doesn't like to hang with the bride?

That's my Uncle Dave. My Godfather.  I was his Flower Girl 27 years ago.  Abbey and Kelsey were my bridemaids.  Now Victoria was Abbey's Flower Girl. 
Dave is an amazing father. 
When I snapped this picture of him practicing 'giving her away' he whispered, "Do I have to let you go?" 

Loving Life!

Walking down the aisle way too fast.

Showing off her name in the wedding ceremony line up.

After the rehearsal the in laws hosted a dinner at Jax Cafe in Minneapolis.  I went there for my first prom in 10th grade.  Oh, I had so much more fun last week!

Victoria totally rose to the occasion.  She new it was a fancy restaurant and she was the only kid there.  In the whole restaurant.

Too cute!

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The Happy Couple

See the Coach purse Kelsey is clinging to?  That was her gift for being Maid of Honor.
Victoria had opened her gift moments before.  Hair sparklies and a Scooby Doo movie.
She yelled with delight.  She told everyone she was going to sleep with it because she wouldn't have time to watch it because it was already so late.
I bet my bottom dollar Kelsey also slept with her purse that night.
She had the same reaction when she opened it!

Giving their speech.

Chocolate Mousse for dessert. 

Kiddie Cocktail for her drink.
I took Victoria to the bathroom at the end of dinner.  We walked by the beautiful patio with white lights wrapped around the trees.  V stood at the window and said, "Look, it's so pretty.  They made it pretend dark."
I said, "No honey, it's after 9:00. It really is dark."  She replied, "We better hit the road, don't ya think?"

Sitting pretty at the dinner table.
She had squash ravioli and a caesar salad.

It was a very fun night. 
When we left that night I wondered how I was going to sleep with the anticipation of the next day!

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