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Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm in love with. . .

SKYPE!  Wow, what an amazing tool!  We are proud godparents to our adorable two year old godson Walker.  Walker lives in Colorado and we haven't seen him in almost a year. . .until tonight!  We Skyped and it was awesome!  I see a lot of Skyping happening in our future.  Walker was doing somersalts and he convinced Mark to do one across our living room floor too.  So cute! 

It was so fun to hear him talk and see him jump! 

I can't wait to have Victoria and Christian Skype with him!!  They will love it.

Love you Walker!!


  1. Walker was amazed by Mark's somersault. He kept saying, "Mark did somersault, Mama did somersault, I did somersault."

  2. Ok, I better do one next time! Maybe a cartwheel would really impress him!

  3. I'd love to see you do a cartwheel! I can't believe Walker was up so late...he must be a little night owl!

  4. With the time change it wasn't that late in CO and he did have his jammies on already.