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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Darling Daughter

My daughter is truly an easy child.  She's not perfect, but in the grand scheme of small children she's like a little rock star.  So today when she refused to put her coat on when I picked her up from daycare, then kicked the snow out of frustration, then screamed in timeout (that would be in front of the garage at daycare - apparently) then pretended like she was going to punch my cheek. . . btw a parent (who I know - of course) came walking up at the time of the incident and was laughing with her head down!

It's no surprise that I picked her up and put her into the car while saying, "You're done done done."  Then I calmly called daddy (mine not hers - although I considered calling mine too but figured he'd side with her anyway) to tell him "the fun thing we had planned has been canceled."   I'm sure he could hear V crying and yelling, "No don't cancel it!"  So he said, "What fun thing?"  Then I spelling NOTHING.  We weren't really canceling anything, but I wish we were. 

The fun continued at home.  Refusing to carry her backpack.  So I put it down beside her, in the middle of the driveway and walked away.  She's about as stubborn as me and just stood out there, no coat, not doing anything.  Just standing there to prove a point. 

Eventually I said, "You can stand there as long as you like, but I need to lock the door in 10 seconds."  She came running and screaming, threw more of a tantrum and ended up in time out.  The real one this time at the end of the hall.  I actually used my chopper on several vegetables to get out my frustration during those four minutes.  Still not calmed down I put her in her room and within a couple minutes I heard silence. 

Yep, she's fast asleep.  Been that way for almost half an hour now.  Whew.

In the end I got to eat and blog in peace.

Isn't motherhood grand?

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