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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Tragedy Strikes

On October 5th I blogged about my car accident I was so upset over.

In the grand scheme of life no big deal.  Paid the ticket, got the car fixed, kids and I are ok, insurance will most likely go up.  But really, it's over.

When I got to school on Monday a couple of my friends came up to my room to tell me our other good friend's boyfriend's entire family had been in a terrible car accident on Saturday night.  Both parents, both brothers and sister in law.  Everybody but Ben himself.  I know Ben.  A really nice guy.  But my heart was breaking for J.  She is the most sensitive, caring, generous and hardworking person I know. 

I knew this was going to hit her HARD.

She had made the phone calls to all the other relatives.  She had been at the hospitals (yes-the injuries were so severe they were sent to three different hospitals) non-stop and here she was on Monday.  At school and prepared to be the wonderful teacher she is.

She cried but she got through it.  I could have never done that. 

She has continued to go to the hospital every single night straight from school.  A couple night's ago she washed Ben's mom's hair.  It still had glass in it, even though she had been through several surgeries. 

J is the model friend, girlfriend and daughter.  I know this is going to wear her out and she'll hit bottom one of these days and not be able to keep all of this up.  When it happens I hope she knows what supportive friends she has at work and let's us help her.

Say a prayer for Ben's family tonight please.

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