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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christian's Actual Third Birthday

Loving his big boy Mickey Mouse bike.
His birthday was a work day at school.  Mark brought the kids and the bike up to school so Christian could practice riding it up and down the hall.

We brought the kids to McDonald's for breakfast.  They looked adorable drying their hands before eating.

When I got home Christian was still napping.
As soon as he got up we headed off to the Children's Museum.  One of his all time favorite spots.
I love that sweatshirt he's wearing!
Warning: I Am Three
I told every stranger who would listen that it was his birthday!

This is definitely the Humphrey Hot Spot.
The kids love to play in the water and with the bubbles.
It's my favorite spot too!
That big one Victoria is about to catch/pop was made by me:)

Ride 'em chicken?!

Christian had to wait very patiently for his turn to 'drive' the bus.

I climbed into the ant tunnel just for this shot.
Then I was outta there.  Another perk of having the kids getting bigger.  I don't have to climb through the pint size tunnels on all fours chasing them around or guiding them through.

Too impatient to wait for the elevator.

Look at that smile. She's looking at herself in a mirror.

The theme of this seasonal display was artwork.
That's one cute picture, if you ask me:D

We take a picture with Ronald either on the way in or out just about every trip.  I don't know if Christian was waiting for him to wink or what but he couldn't take his eyes off him.

Our very own Mona Victoria.

The beaver tunnel.

This was taken a couple days later with Christian's Godfather, Uncle John.

I can't wait until his digital scrapbook of the last year comes in!
He's going to love looking back at how he's grown, almost as much as I will.

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