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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Stuffed Nose

Last night I had a dream Christian's adenoids grew back - and this time they were even bigger.
That's probably because he has a super stuffed nose and crawled in bed with me with the saddest little voice at about 2am.  He tossed and turned and cuddled and fell right off the side of my bed - which is a whole lot higher than his toddler bed!  He cried and cried at 5am because I wouldn't turn on cartoons.  Then fell peacefully asleep in my arms until I ever so slowly moved him aside at 7am.  I knew time was ticking and I had to get ready for school but he needed more sleep so bad.  So I slipped out of there and literally tip toed down the hall.  It was worth the extra rush to get out the door because he was happy when he got up.  He immediately began arranging his dominoes.  He was silent on the way to Kris' house.  I hope he sleeps better tonight!

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