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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Lucky I Am

One of my favorite things right now is reading blogs.  I especially loves ones that moms write about their daily lives.  One of my all time favorites is written by a woman in FL who has a daughter with down syndrome.  She doesn't mention it every post.  But it's there.  Last weekend her baby took a header on their ceramic tile floor.  Another one I really like is written by a mom with FIVE kids and the 'baby' has a disability they're still trying to completely figure out.  There was a birth defect and more and more issues are coming to light.  I read a few other blogs written by moms too.  With kids we all have some issue going on. 

Last night I was frustrated from being up so much the night before.  Three loads of laundry begging me to fold them.  I was hoping Christian would sleep better.  I was mad at the dog for pooping on the floor (if only someone would shovel the poor thing a path out the back door darling:). 

I went to bed thinking, "Why me?" 

Then when I got to school in a good mood this morning and brought a friend a double dose of her favorite drink because her father just had surgery yesterday and she looked exhausted and sad.  I thought, I better just get over myself and be thankful I have what I have. 

Two healthy kids. 

Who am I to complain?

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