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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christian's Third Birthday Party

This year we celebrated Christian's third birthday on Thursday night at 5:15 at Pump It Up.

He was pumped up!
We've been talking about this day for over a month!
Notice his sweatshirt:
I am Three

Third time's a charm.
This is the third time we've held his bday party there.
1st bday: too shy to enjoy
2nd bday: too sick to enjoy
(found out two days later he had pneumonia)
3rd bday: he was a jumping rock star

I think he's imagining a bank deposit!

Had to take a break from gifts to enjoy the best party of a party:
The Cake

He loved his fire fighter's costume!

Amazingly, this was our smallest turn out ever.

It was a very fun night!!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the shot of him with the money. That was one that made me laugh out loud when I scanned the official photos.

    Also, the one of you and Mark doing the slide with C? Classic! A fantastic action shot, you can almost feel the fun.

    Simon and I were sorry to miss it...we'll be there next year!