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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Extra Sleep and a Basketball Game

On Tuesdays I tutor and Mark picks the kids up.  Last Tuesday I walked in the door and could hear Victoria crying in her room.  "Nothing will make her happy," Mark said.  So I went in and found her stuffed rabbit and carried her to her rocking chair.  After just a few seconds she calmed down and said she wanted to rest.  That was at 5:00pm.  She never made it to dinner she was out like a light.
Since it was a quiet dinner for three after we got done I decided to take Christian up to the high school to watch Jonathan play basketball.  We went the week before too and he loved it.  We raced up there and made it for the last 45 minutes of the game.  Jonthan has several free throws.

Christian loved watching his "Big Jon Jon" play and enjoyed the popcorn Therese bought him.

At three in the morning Victoria was standing next to me and said, "Look Mommy! I'm back in my clothes!"
Truth be told, she had been sleeping in her clothes for the last ten hours.  I was afraid she was up for the day, so I had her put on jammies and crawl in bed with me.  She was out immediately and slept until 7am!  She was clearly exhausted.  When she woke in the morning she was in a really good mood but she had no idea that she missed half of a day. 

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