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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Princess Ball

Several months ago my friend Amy read about a Princess party being held at an Elementary school in Lino Lakes.  Laura, Amy, Amanda and I all signed our daughters up for The Ball

Several weeks ago I had different princess dresses online picked out. I let Victoria make the final decision. She informed me a real princess would wear a flower girl dress! Aunt Jane made a new light blue sash for her flower girl dress. We found her a blue tiara and a little wand.

Unfortunately it was being held on the Friday night after we had done conferences all day Thursday and Friday. 

While getting Victoria ready I discovered her hair doesn't hold a curl any better than mine does.

After counting down the days every morning for a week and a half, finally Friday evening was here.

The princess is dressed and ready to go sporting her new pea coat.

These three princesses road together in the princess carriage
(AKA The new mini van)

Born just five weeks apart and growing to be BFFs.

Just arriving at the Ball and united with our fourth and final princess.

We waited in line to have their pictures taken with the princesses.
Victoria was having it.  I had to force her to sit there.  Usually she likes people in costumes but Cinderella freaked her out. See her clinging to the wall?  Right after this picture she tried to jump off the chair and fell on her little face. :(

She recovered quickly.

We had to pull the girls away from their crafts to take this picture.
As you can see, not a one of them was too happy about it.

Rosie, the youngest princess of them all.

We had to keep ourselves entertained while the girls
worked hard on their princess crafts.

Her masterpiece:
A Princess Wand

She her cheek painted with two little pink hearts.

Amy assisting her princess with glue dots.

Scratching pretties into their new crwons.

Final picture of the night.
After an hour and a half at the Ball, two cookies, two glasses of lemonade, two crafts, a 'fashion show', 75 pictures and a pink ballon we were ready to head out.

My pricess couldn't even keep her tiara right side up.

It was a fairy tale night for our daughters,
which left four mommies very tired today.

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