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Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Night of Spring Break

When Christmas break ends I start coutning down the weeks until spring break.  I love that freedom to pack our week with fun things we want to do not have to do.  Last night was the first night of spring break.  We stopped at the library after I picked up the kids, then met friends at McDonald's for dinner then headed over to Saints North for roller skating night.  I didn't feel real good.  I figured it was McDonald's.  I don't know why I ever eat there for lunch or dinner. (However, I do LOVE their breakfast.) 

The kids were tired and roller skating wasn't as fun as usual.  Looking back now, I wonder if it wasn't as fun because I was getting really sick.  By the time the kids were in bed I was laid out.  Head throbbing, stomache churning.  I couldn't even sleep I was so uncomfortable.  By midnight I was throwing up uncontrolably.  I literally had to get Mark to help me I was so sick.  After another hour or so of shivering in bed I finally fell asleep.  While lying there I was thinking, "Shit!  I'm getting the flu over spring break!  This sucks!" 

Luckily I woke feeling much better.  Too nervous to eat or drink much.  Too tired to move much.  But after a short nap (daddy forgot to diaper little dude at nap - so it didn't take long for him to wake me) I feel so much better. 

Short and sweet.  Hopefully we'll all stay healthy for the next week to enjoy our time together.  


  1. That's just weird. I had almost the exact same illness at the exact same time.


    When I woke up on Saturday, I felt completely fine. A little leery that I was really okay, but fine. By Saturday night I was out drinking.

    You know what I think it is?

    We got sick from spending too much time apart. If we hung out together more, we'd both be healthy!!!

  2. You were right! Now that we lunched together today I'm perfect!!!