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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance Class

Last Tuesday when I took Christian to the doctor, Victoria had a field trip to a dance studio.  Since the doctor trip took way longer than anticipated we grabbed a super quick lunch, dropped Christian off at daycare and raced to preschool since she was too late to catch the bus.  Right when we pulled in the bus was ready to leave.  We followed.  I'm so glad I went with.  It was the perfect way to take my mind off all that happened that morning.

What is more fun than watching 4 and 5 year olds dance?  Victoria's BFF Jenna, proved to be a dancing rock star!!

Notice the tall blonde boy next to Victoria?
His name is Carter.  After the class his mom informed me that Carter has his first crush on her.
I had noticed during the class Carter would seek V out to stand next to her.
I love that she doesn't notice him . . .yet.

Look at Jenna's perfect form!
Seriously, she got her Momma's dancin' gene!

Unfortunately, V got my dancin' gene.
Or lack there of.

Free stylin'

Look at that smile on her face.  She loved every second of it!

Everyone else was paying attention to directions right here.
Except my daughter.
This usually would bother me.  Especially, since Ms. Joy had just redirected her.
But she turned to me and said, "I love this!  It's so much fun!"
You go girl!

Look at Jenna's perfect pose.
Victoria was much more creative. ;)

Her creativity was overwhelming her.

I loved every minute of it.  I love watching her be just who she is.  Is super cute and sweet dancin' machine.

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