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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Victoria's Birthday

The Birthday Bird must have snuck in the night before to decorate the house.

And left a treat.
This cookie is so perfect she thought it was made out of wood.

The traditional Birthday Big Breakfast with hotcakes.

Victoria picked out her cake.
She loved the idea of cupcakes and a cake.
12 people, in all, met at Olive Garden to celebrate with the Birthday Girl.

(Victoria was wearing her brand new Birthday Girl shirt all day.
She came home covered in blue paint.
I had to have her take it off, bring it home for Mark to hand wash then go pick up grandma.
I was shocked that in nearly an hour in the dryer the shirt was still quite damp.
Poor Birthday Girl was forced to wear it anyway.
Daddy thought Mommy was crazy. 
But when Mommy has a vision of how the child will look.  Mommy has a vision.
Luckily it air dried on her body quite quickly.)

Trying out Mama Deb's glasses.

 Birthday Girl and Birthday Pizza.
Somebody else liked the cupcakes too.


Victoria with Great Grandma.

Christian loves his 'aunt' Molly.

So does this five year old!
She would cuddle with Brian all day if I'd let her;)

Great Auntie Sandy bought Victoria her very first corsage.
She liked the idea of looking at and smelling the flowers more than wearing them though.

Victoria and Mama Jeanne

It was such a fun night!
She's officially 5!

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