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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day to the Daddy of My Babies

Better late than never.  I returned from Chicago yesterday afternoon and we were out and about celebrating after that so this post is one day late.


Dear Mark,
 You've been a daddy now for five years.  And you keep getting better and better.

Remember your first Christmas as a daddy?
You enjoyed every moment.

And you still do. . . in your matching pj's.
What a great daddy you are.

You learned early how to make our kids laugh.

What a funny daddy you are.

You knew the importance of reading to our kids early.
What a smart daddy you are.

You do all the things I don't enjoy doing.

What a really really smart daddy you are;-)

You're always ready for kisses from any one of us.

What a kissable daddy you are.

You fix anything and everything that may break
or need a little fixin' or changin' or whatever needs to be done.

What a handy daddy you are.

You lift us up (or down) as we need.

You are a strong daddy.

You even show up to a 2nd grade field trip to help the kids who's daddys couldn't be there.

What a helpful daddy you are.

You take care of all of us when we don't feel good or we're too tired to keep our eyes open.

What a caring daddy you are.

You go on every carousel everytime you see one.

What a fun daddy you are.

You have created traditions in for our family.

You are a creative daddy.

I am enjoying parenting so much,
especially with you by my side.

Our family is nothing without you.
Love you to pieces.

Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy, dad and father.

Happy Father's Day!


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