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Monday, November 28, 2011

Whiplash and a Bag of Chips

I've been sick now, for 11 days.  Some times of the day I feel worse than others but overall, been quite sick for 11 days.  With our fabulous trip just under 40 hours away I got nervous it's going to get worse.  Plus, today when I cough I got a severe pain the back of my head.  It also hurt when I bent over. 

I finally made myself an appt.  Minutes after the I hung up, my head was pounding I called back to find an Urgent Care.  Waiting until tomorrow at 3 seemed ridiculous.  We put the kids to bed and I headed to Urgent Care.  They told me a 90 minute wait.  That put me at 9pm.  That's when they close.  I can handle that.  I could leave for a while, if I chose.  I also had a good book. 

Unfortunately the wait ended up being two hours and forty minutes.  I finally got called, last one of the day.  I was convinced I had a sinus infection or a brain tumor.

Nope, neither.

I apparently gave myself whiplash from coughing.  (I did know I pulled a muscle over my rib several days ago.)  There's a muscle the connects your back through your shoulder blade up the back of your head and connects to your eyebrow.  I pulled that bad boy and pulled it good.

I'm on Tylenol with Codeine to relax the muscles and keep me from coughing and hopefully get me some good sleep.  I'm supposed to take it with food.  Since I don't feel good nothing seems good.  I tried some turkey and cheese but what I really want is potato chips.  My wonderful husband left at 11pm to get some sour cream and onion chips.

I just hope I can stay awake until he gets back. . .

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