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Monday, December 31, 2012

Playa del Carmen - The Fifth Year

The night before we left for Mexico we took the kids out the Great Moon Buffet and Mark's fortune was above.  How perfect is that?!

Just arrived at our suite!

Happy to be greeted with a fruit bowl since I'm always hungry.

We saw several rainbows right after we arrived.
On our second to last night I saw a shooting star. 
I said, "Oh my gosh.  I think I just saw a shooting star?"
Mark replied, "I thought I saw one a couple minutes ago but didn't know for sure. I was gone so fast."
We stood together looking up at the sky and started walking toward the beach again.  Up on our balcony we saw one at the exact same second.  It was magical.

Dinner at our favorite restaurant Mosquito Blue.
The main manager Daniel recognized us right away and thanked us for coming back again.
Then said, "If there's something you want and it's not on the menu let me know and I'll have the chef make it for you."  Flattering, but we each wanted our regular.  Lasagna for me and lamb for Mark.
He did surprise us with a dessert though!

Then we strolled around Mosquito Blue hotel.

Even after the major fiasco last year, I wanted to try Cozumel again.
We packed our snorkel gear and headed over to the ferry.
It started raining half way across the ocean.
Cozumel was flooded.  It had been pouring since 2am.
We continued on our way to the Iberostar Cozumel in a TAXI this year. 
No motorcycles!!
We arrived and I was less than impressed.
Our beach was 1,000 times better. 
The Cozumel beach was cover in sharp rock.
Our resort was way better too.
I have no idea why anyone would stay at Cozumel unless they were avid snorkelers.
The way the sharp rocks were it made it impossible for me to even get into the water.
Therefore, my snorkel gear went unused.
We did have lunch at the resort and headed back.
I vow to never return to Cozumel.
We ended up sharing a taxi with a couple who was staying at that resort.  
They asked lots of questions about our resort and Playa and soon they were buying their own tickets on the ferry to head over to Playa for the evening.  
Good choice!

My annual toes in the sand shot.
Although, spotting my toes these days can be tricky.

We see this guy each year.
He holds perfectly still unless you drop money into his box.

Our annual dinner at the Japanese Restaurant.

After the Japanese Restaurant we stopped for a late night snack.
They were possibly the best chicken wings of my life.
We talked about going back but never made it.

Morning in Paradise.
Having an ocean view this year was amazing!
We watched the sunrise and then would go back to bed. 
We could watch people on the beach.
It was the most perfect room we've ever had.

My favorite part of going to Mexico is taking our Long Walk.
Three years ago we walked down the beach until it was totally secluded.
Not a soul down there.

It seems each year people will go further and further. 
Or we just got really lucky that first year.
We draw in the sand.
Find shells and explore.
We love it.

Traveling 26 weeks pregnant left just 99 days until our due date!

Mark's 20 year old traveling shoes that he brings everywhere.

11 days before Christmas!

After the Long Walk we needed a refreshment.
Cheers to Relaxation!
I must admit, the virgin drinks were just fine.
I enjoyed every pina colada, strawberry margarita and orange juice I had.

After a long day at the beach we headed back to our room about 3:00.

To get room service of course!
We hadn't had lunch so I ordered all my favorites!
Notice my Iberostar bathrobe.  Sure wish I could have kept that baby!

We got ready to head to town.
 was on a shopping mission!

Mark took a picture of me from the beach to our balcony.

I love the gorgeous pool.
It was chilly this time of year.

Still our favorite hang out, The Lounge.
We have so many memories sitting at that bar.
Sometimes we stay there for hours.

We could not pass up a single chance to take our pictures with our billboard.
We never know if they're going to be down when we come back each year.
This year we were pleasantly surprised to see more than ever!

Stopping for a drink while shopping in town.
I figured I had at least 50 bottles on water while we were in town throughout the three days.

I don't think I ever saw Mark drink water;-)

Back to Mosquito Blue again.

See?!  Can't pass up a single chance!

I must admit, it is awfully cool!!

My favorite dress shop.
The owner has now opened another store since our last trip.
So we went to her new store to find her.
She recognized us right away.
You know she's fabulous when she can find dresses to fit me at this size too!

The sunrise on our last morning.
I was so sad to leave.
Sad as in, take 100 pictures and videos of everything around me with tears in my eyes.
And then a something happened.
I opened a front pocket of what was an empty carry-on on the way there.
And there was a note from Victoria that said, I mist you mommy and daddy.
Then I really started bawling and knew it was time to go home.
The letters were all in capital letters and she misspelling missed.
I told her the story when we got home and she nonchalantly says, "Oh that note?  I wrote that note when I was in kindergarten!  Why did it take you so long to find it?"

I don't know.  I used the same carry-on when I went to Chicago.
God just made me find it at the perfect time.

I purchased these books for us to complete on the trip.
We both filled in 50 answers about each other while lounging on the beach and then read them back and forth.  Then finished the last 50 on our balcony.
It was a lot of fun.

Last year we had our pics taken by the professional at the resort.
However, last year, that last night was rough and we ended up in a huge rush and ended up not having time to look at them.

This year we did it again.
I love them!

This is my favorite.
I love the way it shows off Baby.
It is already made into a canvas hanging in our hallway.
I love it!

This is Mark's favorite.

I love this one too.

Five years in a row and the magic is still there.

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