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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Preparations

We started our Christmas preparations early this year.
On November 3rd we went to have breakfast with Santa at the mall.
Why not start early??  The kids wait for this time of year all year long!

Christian asked for a cardboard house and Victoria asked for a lot of stuffies.

We enjoyed cinnamon rolls and orange juice.

A couple weeks later we made out annual Christmas Hugs Treats!

This year the kids were able to do it completely independently.
It was nice, but a little sad.
They're growing so fast!

Christian wanted to play outside before they were done.  Luckily, Victoria hadn't made it out the door year.  So she finished the treats while in her snow suit.
It was 7:10am mind you!

The annual Santa shot.
Cute and cuter!
It is my second favorite.
I still love the one with Christian screaming his head off reaching for me.
It is a classic.

Our house fully decked out.

Victoria had this hanging in the hall at school.

This is what our neighborhood looked like days before we went to Mexico.

The pic with Santa from 2011.

We cut our tree down on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.
It was quite cold and everyone was tired (grumpy) from Thanksgiving excursion.

Mommy chose the tree this year.
I think it was our most perfect one ever.

The highlight of Christian's year, driving the truck!

Victoria is a crazy driver, but she loves it almost as much as her brother.

Isn't Christian having the time of his life?

Another meeting with Santa and Comet.

It wouldn't be an annual trip to the Tree Farm if we didn't stop to feed the animals.

Once the tree is up I give each kid a new ornament for the year that has to do with a current interest of theirs.

Christian got E.T.
Victoria got a old fashioned radio that says something different each day of December.
I was convinced they'd both love that one so much they'd have to share.
Turned out nobody liked that one. :(
Actually, I would go as far as saying Victoria hated it.
I chose not to photograph the disappointed tears.

Watching Olive the Other Reindeer on youtube.

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