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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas in our house was absolutely fabulous!
Here's Victoria in her Christmas dress ready for church.
Apparently she's planning on driving. :-)

All ready for church.

Here's Mark's side of the family.
I love this group shot each year.
This year we have one more than last year, 
Baby Grace, and next year we'll have another Baby Humphrey!

Elfie left us a good bye note.
They were very happy they could touch Elfie that last day before Santa came and took him back to the North Pole.

This is Christmas morning right after we brought out the car.
The idea behind the car is it will give them something to do 
this summer when I'm taking care of Baby.

Victoria is holding a bear Christian got her for Christmas.
It smells like chocolate.

Baby Grace and her Godmother, me!

Baby Grace, her mommy and her godmommy.

Victoria and her almost Aunt Tegan.

Christian checking out Baby Grace while talking about what 'his' baby is going to be like.

Christmas Eve morning:
Busy making chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies and pumpkin bread.
We weren't sure what Santa's favorites were.

Christian clearly getting tired of smiling for me.
But he's cute no matter what!

Santa brought Peef the Magic Christmas Bear last year for Victoria.
Therefore, that makes Christmas Eve Peef's 1st birthday.
Therefore, I let Victoria choose a cake and decide what to write on it.

The happy family of five!

Mama Jeanne, Papa Mark and all their grandkids!

Our last Christmas as a family of four!!


The Humphrey boys with the gorgeous ladies!

Proud Uncle Mark

Tegan's bridal shower gift didn't come in time for her shower so I had to give her her Christmas gift then and her shower gift for Christmas.

She loved it:-)

Christian loved his Christmas Carousel for Mama Jeanne.
When I went to pack it away he cried.
I told him he could keep it out, 
then packed it away when he was sleeping.
Don't tell him.

I looked for a vertical frame for Emilee to go with this picture for all of November.
I found this chalkboard frame and it ended up working out great.
I actually went back and bought a couple for myself, for the baby's room.

Peef, his mommy, grandpa and uncle all gathered around his birthday cake.
She told the Sam's Club cake decorator to, "Write in all capital letters.  None of the cursive that nobody can read please!"  I'm not sure if buying that cake makes me one crazy mommy or mother of the year.
Either way she loved it!!

Victoria playing with Uncle John.

Our annual game of Name that Celebrity.
2012 edition.
I think we've played it the last 8 or 9 years.

Baby Grace after an outfit change.
I bought this lil' outfit for her in early Nov. and kept forgetting to give it to Chris.
It says 'Santa's Little Helper' on the front.

The kids were very serious about making gingerbread houses this year!

Cousin Love!

Leaving out the reindeer food on Christmas Eve.
Victoria couldn't remember where she put hers and there were quite a few tears
and then Daddy to the rescue!  He finds and fixes everything!

Victoria was very happy with the huge stuffed dog (I believe she named Riley)
and her talking Doc McStuffins.

Victoria with the fountain Christian picked out for her.
He immediately informed her he would like one as a birthday gift.

Cousins from my side:
Marissa and Ashley.

Uncle Wayne with Victoria and Ashley

My lil' brother and me:-)

Christian enjoying his remote control car!
He received several this year.
He's one happy little boy!

My dad with his grandkids.
Not much else makes him that happy!

I love that he put his new Papa shirt on right over his clothes!

Dad and Deb and their happy grandkids.
For their big Christmas gift from us we got them 
a gift certificate to get their picture taken this spring with all
three of our kids.  
Can't wait!!

Cute and cute

My brother Wayne, his wife Cassie and Marissa and Ashley.
Marissa is nine months older than Victoria and Christian is six months old than Ashley.

Christian and his Papa

The lady at Barnes and Noble thought I was crazy for buying this quill for Victoria.
She loves it and is able to write very nicely with it.
I love to watch her gently dip it in the ink.

It was a magical Christmas season.

It's always a bit sad when everything is put away and it's all over.

Looking forward to having three children to spoil next year!

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  1. I am so glad she loved the quill. Not surprised at all.

    Also, you didn't tell me you were Grace's godmother! Which is surprising because you mention her often...and it is huge news.

    And that is a fantastic gift for your parents.