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Friday, January 6, 2012

Marissa's Gift

Kids have so much stuff crap it's ridiculous.  I don't remember having this much crap.  I truly believe we didn't.  It's just not us.  Every friends' house I/we go to we/they complain about the crap. 
Even as we stand there exchanging Christmas gifts (i.e. giving each other more crap!!!!)

For my nieces I try not to give gifts (i.e. crap to lay around the house).
Each birthday I make each one a scrapbook of the past year.
At Christmas it's way harder to think of something that's not - let's just call it what it is - crap.
After two months of trying to figure out an experience Marissa would enjoy I decided to do a 
Create Your Own Day of Fun 
and she would choose.

I definitely helped her choose, but she did choose.
She had a choice of activity and lunch.

She choose:

A pedicure

We took Victoria with too.

After all three of us were pampered and beautified 
we headed off to her (slightly tampered) choice of lunch at

The Avalon Tea Room

They enjoyed the hats.

But didn't like the tea.
They enjoyed a monstrous mug of hot chocolate instead.
Which left me a pot of tea for three, all to myself.

It was a memorable day and the start to a new tradition.

Next year, I vow to make it way more kid friendly and I'll include the littlest lady too.

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  1. As you know, being a fan of the birthday date, I think this was a terrific present. How did you change her mind about OCB?