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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sportsman's Guide and a Baby

I started working at the Sportsman's Guide when I was 16 years old.  I worked there (weekends) even when I had a full time job teaching.  That's over eight years.  I really loved that job.  It was a lot of fun.  A lot of perks - flexing - winning contests - great pay - paid time off - 10% above costs on merchandise - and meeting great friends.

That is where I hooked Molly up with a job our Sr. year of high school and introduced her to Brian.
Just so nobody forgets I did create that amazing union!

There are very few people I still keep in contact with.  One is my friend Bryan.  It's been years since we've seen each other. 10 maybe? 8-9 for sure.  But we email once in a while.  We (his wife) and I send Christmas cards/letters.

They've been trying to have a baby for years.  Four maybe.  Years.

Finally I got word about 8 months ago, finally, a bun was in the oven.

We've emailed quite a bit. I love to give 'advice' on the topic.  Do this. Watch for that.  etc.....

I knew she was due in Jan. because months ago I typed - January is the BEST year to deliver - trust me - I know!!!

We didn't receive a Christmas card from them this year.  Which I've been looking forward to since I heard they were expecting since they're sooooo creative.  No card.  No letter.  So I emailed him tonight.

Thinking about you.  Thinking the day is nearing.  Let me know how she's feeling. I'm sure you two are on top of the world excited.

Within minutes he replied she does fine Ben needs more time?

Who refers to their unborn child be name?

I replied IS HE BORN?  this day in age, how could this info be kept secret?

Apparently, somehow, someway, I?? blocked his posts from my page and the baby was born THIS MORNING!!   Now I look like a you know what.

So I had to follow up my emails like rambling idiot.  Unfortunately, the baby aspirated and is in NICU.

After years of waiting, I wished them a quick and limited  (she went med. free - YAY) pain delivery.  But now they're faced with the immediate worries of a parent.

Parenting is a roller coaster. . . and they're just at the very bottom of the very first hill.

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  1. A LOT of people refer to their unborn child by name. That's one of the advantages (so I hear, I disagree) of knowing the gender.