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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice and Plastic Balloons

Last week Victoria snuck away for a very short time on a Tuesday night for a Girls' Night Out.  Unfortunately I turned out to be an ice storm that night.  I am the girl who had plans in Hinckley back in college and continued to drive there from River Falls because I wouldn't let the weather stop me.  Well, I did make it to Hinckley that night nearly 15 years ago, but not until after three 360s!

The other night I didn't have a lot to do, (yes that's what Girls' Night Outs are now - actually a time to run errands) and the storm I didn't think was actually going to happen start to happen.  We hit a couple stores and then we were at JoAnn's.  I needed St. Patrick's fabric for my classroom. That's it.  But we went up and down every single aisle of the store.

It was a pleasure.  A gift.  A chance to look and talk about the colors of the fabric.  The different feelings of the fabric.  The dreams we EACH had of the enormous amount out supplies.  She even said, "This would be the perfect gift for...."  just like I always do.

It was magical because I was slapped in the face of the fact of seriously, "Holy crap!  My girl is so big not only are we having a conversation, she's telling me her opinions and interests and everything else on her mind.  I am the luckiest Mommy ever!"

I'm certain I was beaming.

Then we saw a new 'teacher section.'  I was scouring it for me class.  She was scouring it for my class, her class, her self, her friends and anyone else she could think of a reason to buy one of everything for.  Clearly, my girl!

Then she hit the I Am a Five Year Old Jackpot.  Apparently 'they' make stickers in the shape of bandaids for stuffed animals.  You may not realize that real bandaids stick to fur and need to be actually cut out.

Suddenly she exclaimed, "I can open my own hospital!"  Can you feel for the drama?!?!?  Everyone else in JoAnn's certainly did.

Think I bought them?


I love when my kids really really want something.  Then, I make them earn it.  How?? Whatever they need to work on at that time.  Victoria needs to work on not talking when she's done with her work.  (We'll touch on that subject later...)

Therefore, if she stays on green (best behavior - versus yellow or heaven's forbid red behavior) until this Friday she can earn it.

Too bad for Victoria that I actually work at her school and her teacher told me (without me asking) she fell to yellow for a very brief period on Monday.  What I asked her, she confessed and cried and begged for a second chance.

I am pretty strict but clearly I could not crush the child's dream so soon.  I agreed that yellow was a reminded and we'd continue...but one small stint on red and it was done.

When we left JoAnn's we decided to skip the library and just head to the Dollar Store.  I was/am looking for something in particular.

I told her she could pick one thing.  Goodness gracious...there's a lot of crap to choose from and no longer does she walk in and choose the first thing she sees.  Nope, she checks out each and every thing.  Finally I said, "It's raining actual ice!  We need to go!" Next thing I knew I was paying for plastic bubbles in six little tubes.

I could imagine: mess, heartbreak, mess, mess, and a little more mess.

But, I bought them because the city was in the process of freezing over.

We skated our way to the mini-van and carefully headed home. I did not want the plastic balloon's existence known to the boys.  However,  I was not surprised when V walked in stating, "You'll never believe what I got!!"

Both came a running.

It turned out to be a Stay Up Late Night.  It was adorable.  Mark and I definitely had the most fun though.

It turned out to be so much more than 
Girls' Night Out.

It was a time for us to bond,
rush home,
then share a brand new phenomenon with our boys.
(Turns out daddy had these when he was little- but mommy blew better ones ;-)

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