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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pizza, Games & Fun

A couple night's ago I took my time at school and picked Christian up about 30 seconds before daycare closed their door.  When I took my time getting him out of there and talked so long to our dear dear patient daycare mommy, she actually scooted over on the love seat and I sat next to her.

We took our sweet time getting home only to find Daddy on his way out the door to an estimate I didn't know about.  Even though being with my kids is my most fun thing to do, dinner and bath solo, didn't appeal.  I called 'Aunt' Molly.  Within minutes we had all used the bathroom and we were buckled up and on our way to get her.  Both kids cheered when I said Molly said yes! We were going to our favorite pizza place.  Angelo's Pizza.  They have pinball.  They have a window you can stand on a chair and watch them make each and every pizza.
Sidenote   *I can actually stand on the floor, but little one and little two need a chair.  

We had a blast chatting.  Watching Victoria do her homework so proudly. (yes the child finally has homework.  this is the first week.  no more mommy telling her the work I want her to do it homework)  Watching Christian stand with his little hands and nose pressed to the plexiglass dreaming of being a Pizza Maker.  Unfortunately, they took out the pinball machine -gasp!- but put in a generic little machine where you touch the touch screen and choose one of ten games.  Since I had stole a whole pocket of quarters from Daddy's stash I kept handing them out.  I let them play in between each piece of pizza that needed to cool.  It was so relaxing and so fun.  I really didn't want the fun to end.  Bonus -neither kid asked to use the bathroom!  But it was a school night and already passed their bedtime.  We went outside in the dark and got in the car and headed back to Molly's house.  We started talking about how they chopped down all the huge trees on her street and how much it changes the look.  She said, "You should see 3rd!"

Well, I think we better!  We continued passed her house and ended up driving down Third Street and I drove to our high school.  She started telling the kids Your Mommy and I stories and I was adding my two cents and I was just so happy to have such a good friend that can tell my kids (clean) stories about me from my childhood and growing up.   We were less than two blocks aways from Molly's parents' house so we stopped over to see Mike and Maureen.  I haven't been to her parents' house in years.  More than a decade. It was great to see them, not in Halloween costumes for once:-)

We hung out for a short bit.  Christian and Mike played with the mailbox that leads right into their living room.  Victoria told tried telling knock knock jokes.  Everyone still laughed and she continued to jump around in delight.

It was very fun.  After both kids asked to use the bathroom (simultaneously - saw that one coming, did you??) we really did drop Molly off and headed home.  It was a straight to jammies, teeth brushed, story, kind of night.

It was a perfectly unplanned night too.

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