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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now That's What I Call a Massage

Liv generously got me an appointment at her school for a Thai massage this evening.  She told me a bit about what it would entail.  I'm always up for getting out of the house, especially for a massage any style  day or night.!

We made it to our appointments early.  Met my therapist and liked her right away.  Thank goodness, since less that ten minutes later she was sitting on my bare foot lifting me up by the leg.  She pulled, pushed and contorted me in ALL directions.  When I say all, I'm not exaggerating!  At one point she had my hand pinned behind my back with her knee and then began pushing on my shoulders with her elbows.  It was strange things like that for a full hour.  At one point it felt like she was going to rip my head off with her strong little hands.

Then it was over.

She asked how I felt.  I felt light.  I drank my Dixie cup of water and realized I had no pain in my head/neck.  None.  I didn't realize how the constant stiffness = pain/soreness on a consistent basis.

My jaw was lose.  My head felt great.  I felt energized but completely and totally relaxed.  I felt amazing.  So amazing we sat in the mini-van for 20 minutes talking about all the bizarre body positions we were contorted into and how absolutely amazing we felt.  I gave my therapist a 9.5 out of 10.  She would have gotten the full ten if she had turned the lights down.

It was so good it's hard to call all those other times I actually paid people and all they did was rub my skin - a massage.  This massage deserves a special name it was so amazing.

When Mark asked me how it was I said, "It's something you need to do.  Look, I'm like an owl now!"  Then I proceeded to show him how I can turn my head all the way around.  Well, almost.

Thanks so much Liv.  Sign me up for that again, anytime, day or night.  Please please sign me up again!

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