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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do You Have $10,000

Today I received this email with the subject line: Do you have $10,000

Hi Kelly,
Did that subject line catch your eye. For only $10,000 you can get
VIP NKOTB tickets for two to Hershey PA. Check out the details at
Groupon escapes.
I'm sure Mark will have no problem with you going to this. I mean its
not like you have to even ask for time off at work :)

This was my response:

Thanks for the info Mol, but I ordered mine this morning at 7am.  I am so excited!!!  I will take you free of charge.

Then at 5:01 I received a voicemail that went something like mind you I was in the Teacher of the Year Extravaganza that she should have been waiting on pins and needles to hear from me.  Instead here's the gist of what she left me:

Hi Kelly, I just opened your email.  Wow, I'm uh not sure if you're serious or not.  But um, call me right way.  I know you're a super fan and all and maybe you were serious.  Call me when you get a chance. (giggling nervously)

There are so many things wrong and funny about this.  Here are my Top 2:
1. I do not have an extra 10 grand for anything.
2. If I did and I could use it for anything I wanted - it wouldn't be NKOTB related but if it was, I would pay FIVE grand to have Jordan perform on my very own deck. 

But it was pretty funny she would, even for a second, consider I would pay that much.  

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  1. BTW--I cracked up at this. Really, Molly? Besides, everyone knows you would take me!