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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Am not the Teacher of the Year

After a very long and exhausting process, I did not win Teacher of the Year today.  Although I learned several things while trying to win.

* It feels damn good to be recognized for my work.
* It is truly an honor to be nominated.
* Waiting until the last minute to begin doing paperwork is not a good idea and always adds extra stress.
* Now that I have a teaching philosophy in writing, I think it makes me a better teacher.  I'm thinking of posting it somewhere in my classroom.
* Preparing for the interview was one of the best moves I've ever done to get myself ready for something. I learned a lot about myself in that mock interview and should have done something like that long ago.
* When I get really really really nervous my hands go numb.
* I have never been more proud of myself than when I walked out of that room filled with 20 people who listened to my responses.
* I have more friends and family who support me than I ever realized.

I was so proud of the two little girls who's mother nominated me and they introduced me tonight.  My little student counted all the people in the auditorium as she sat next to me and whispered, "140 people came here to see you win, Mrs. Humphrey!"  What was really amazing was she and her sister spoke into a microphone in front of all those people so so very well.

Here are their speeches:

Mrs. Humphrey was my second grade teacher last year.  She made my 2nd grade experience the BEST EVER!  I was very nervous and scared until I realized my teacher was super nice and that made me feel better.  She saw my weakness and helped me be more excited to learn.  Mrs. Humphrey took time to give me one on one attention and to make sureI always had a good day.  Mrs. Humphrey has always had smile and great things to say to me.  She makes me feel good about myself and shows me that she really cares about me.  I miss 2nd grade because she is no longer my teacher, but I make sure to say good morning to her every morning, and good bye to her with a hug at the end of each day.  I love Mrs. Humphrey and she REALLY deserves this award because she will always be in my heart no matter how old I am!  I will never forget how much Mrs. Humphrey treated me and made me feel special.  I LOVE YOU Mrs. Humphrey!

My teacher Mrs. Humphrey is the best teacher EVER!  I seen how happy my sister was in her class, so I wanted to be in her class - and now I am!!  Mrs. Humphrey cares about everyone she meets, she loves her class VERY much!  She makes me so happy every day that I go to school.  She is a great teacher because she has good ideas, she likes to play games with us, she makes sure we are all learning and she keeps everyone safe.  I learn a lot in her class every day.  Even on the weekends I think about her and can't wait until Monday to see her.  (The crowd cracked up at this point!)  In Mrs. Humphrey's class she pushes us to do better and she sees all of our potential.  Mrs. Humphrey makes me feel awesome inside!  She gives me hugs and she asks me if I am having a good day.  I do have bad days, but she helps she me out of them!!  She makes sure I stay on task and helps me to have better days!  I'm going to be so sad to leave 2nd grade because I am going to miss her so much!  But I know I can still see her and visit her!  Mrs. Humphrey has shown me, my sister and my mom what a true love of teaching really is!  We all love her and want her to be recognized for all of her hard work!

We Love You Mrs. Humphrey!

I will cherish those speeches forever.  

We were all nominated!!

Christian was being a crabby little dude.
I think he was mad I lost;-)

My wonderful teammates gave me a beautiful arrangement of flowers this morning.

It was a fun adventure.  I'm looking forward to the parade on June 15th.

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