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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Findin' Some Tadpoles

Months back this summer Victoria learned Aunt Molly knew how to find tadpoles and capture them.  She been asking for months when Aunt Molly was going to come over to do just that.  One day in April Victoria called her to thank her for something and as I held my phone on speaker to her little mouth she ended the thank you as, So when are you coming over to find tadpoles with us anyway Aunt Molly?"

What a nice thank you right? I was mortified!  You don't ask for a favor in a thank you for cry in out loud.

But a couple hours later.....

Aunt Molly shows up with waders, several nets, etc....
it was amazing.
She set up the kids with boundaries and they obeyed.
Turns out the frogs hadn't laid their eggs yet, 
memories were still made.
And there's still time...

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