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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

31 Weeks

I love maternity clothes.  The second line on the EPT test turned up and Liv and I were in a dressing room at Macy's while I tried on maternity clothes.  I get a Tip A Day on email from a pregnancy site.  It's usually a day or week too late but it's amazingly close to something I've been experiencing.  This was at the bottom of today's tip:

What’s your favorite must-have pregnancy accessory? Is it a favorite piece of maternity wear? A super-cozy body pillow? We’ll help you find great accessories to help make the rest of your pregnancy easier and more fun!

I think my favorite pregnancy accessory is my necklace that says Due in March.  I get compliments every time I wear it (yesterday it was Christian's pediatrician who went on and on about it and even said he mentioned it to his wife after the first time he saw me wear it.  I love it.  I only have a couple more months to wear it and then I'll tuck it away with my favorite maternity things or maybe I'll put it with an ultrasound picture.

This pregnancy is drawing to a close.  Last night I would have said it can't come fast enough as I was on all fours in the living room trying to get some relief.  But today I'm just happy and content with this little being right where it is.

Its Baby Book, black and white flying cow and black crib skirt came in the mail today.

Slowly but surely we're becoming more and more prepared for his or her arrival.

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  1. You must have me on the brain, I'm mentioned in 2 of your 3 posts today! And I would totally agree that your "Due in March" necklace is fabulous.