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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 6 of Recovery

Last night I went to bed really early.  Thank goodness because at about 1:30am I was woken by a loud thud.  I ran out of the bedroom without even grabbing my glasses to find Christian naked on the bathroom floor.  I kept asking him, "Are you ok?  What happened?"  He was sick and confused and exhausted.  Apparently he got up to go to the bathroom and ended up throwing up on the floor.  He took his pajamas off because he got sick and  it usually gets on himself.  By the time I went and got my glasses and Mark started to get him redressed and I took care of the mess on the rug I looked at him and realized he was pretty sick.  But throwing up is the WORST thing that can happened when you have your tonsils removed.  It can open the wounds and they'll need to be cauterized again and he'll need to be put under and kept over night.  After we got him taken care of he kept saying how bad his throat hurt.  I couldn't even get him to sip water or eat a popsicle.  He also had a fever.  It went from bad to worse.  He was sick for three hours.  We were both still awake at 5am.  Finally I got him to sleep in my arms with his little legs tucked up to his chest for some type of relief.  Victoria came in about 6:30 and I whispered find something quiet to keep yourself busy and the poor girl walked away and built a huge train track for an hour.  Christian didn't sleep much longer but I was exhausted.  We all had breakfast and I went and laid back down until 12:30.  I was in rough shape after being up so much.  Christian was ok for the rest of the day, didn't even rest.  We skipped one set of pain meds in the middle of the day.  We're hoping to start cutting back on his meds.  We're also hoping tomorrow goes well back at school and daycare.

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