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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eight Years Today

We have a very important day on Saturday.  Mark’s youngest brother is getting married.  
Every wedding it makes you reflect on your own.

Eight years ago today I got married.  I married a man who I had already known for years but looking back sometimes I wonder if I knew him at all.  I thought he’d be good with kids, but I didn’t know how deep his love would be for his family.  He is truly the very best daddy I know.  He has a special bond with each of our kids.  The way he tells Victoria she’s beautiful and the way he throws a ball to Christian every chance he gets yet cuddles him every chance he gets, reminds me how much he loves them and is changing them for the better. 

I didn’t know then how happy it would make me to cuddle beside him in bed and share our thoughts about…anything.

I didn’t know then we’d create such strong traditions together that we can practically read each other’s mind when we sit down at Lake Elmo Inn or are on our way to cut down the Christmas tree.

I didn’t know then how exciting telling him we’re expecting our third child would be. 

I didn’t know then how much I’d appreciate how handy he is.  I can tell him to fix or change this, that or the other thing and it just gets done. 

I didn’t know then how good he’d make me feel when two months before my due date I would cry over not having a the car seat yet and he’d have everyone loaded into the car in a matter of minutes and when we arrived at the store told me to go off and look at nursing bras and he would completely take care of the car seat stroller purchase.

I didn’t know then the love I’d feel sitting at our kitchen table each night as we ate dinner together.

I didn’t know then how special our Mexican vacation spot would be to us and only us.

I didn’t know then how much it would mean to me that he not only accepts my New Kids craziness but sits and listens to their new single with me.

I didn’t know then story time at our house would be so special.  That he’d be the reader or the listener for the night depending on what I want and have patience to spell each word so Christian can be the recorder of the things we’re each thankful for.

I didn’t know then how complicated yet full filling marriage would be. 
I didn't know then I'd fall in love more and more each year.
Eight + years in pics:
The lights of our lives:

This is what love looks like:

The family we've made.

Our 7th anniversary last year.

The year we met - 2001 

8 years ago today!

Our family of three

The fall before we got married.

Our first dance...8 years ago today!

Kissing after the ceremony.

Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey

The Christmas before our wedding.

Our brand new baby daughter.



Our first Mexican getaway - 2008

Our brand new puppy.

Fall 2006
Super duper proud parents.

Our latest Mexican getaway as we anticipate Baby #3.

Looking forward to years of watching these two (soon to be three) thrive and grow.

8 is my lucky number.
Looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us.
Looking forward to many many more years of wedded bliss.

Love you Bunny!!

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