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Monday, February 4, 2013

Terrible Horrible Day for Victoria

Today may have been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, for my little first grader Victoria.
(That's a reference to this book.)

First she got to school to realize she forgot her tennis shoes.  Which meant clopping around in moon boots all day long.  She happened to see me in the hall and said, "YOU forgot my shoes!"  I informed her they are her shoes and she forgot them and told her it would be ok.  The teacher in me said, "Good lesson for her."  The mommy in my said, "Damn it.  That sucks."  She had already said she was 'scared' to go to school because she didn't get a Peek so she didn't have her spelling words.  After the anxiety issues we had last year, it gives me anxiety to think about her having anxiety.  I assured her there are far worse things than getting a word wrong on spelling pre-test day.  An hour into school my class and her class were in the hall both going to specialist.  She took one look at me, stopped dead in her tracks, this time with tears in her eyes and said, "And it's a GYM day!"  Double damn!  Boots on a gym day really suck!  She lived through gym and headed back to class and soon to lunch.  While I was eating I was notified there was trouble in the cafeteria.  Last week I gave her mandarin oranges.  I've seen many kids try to open those little containers and spill juice.  So I dumped the juice and put them into a small tupperware.  That worked great on day one.  The next day apparently they opened in the lunch box and it was a total pain to clean all the sticky little chunks out.  Back to today.  Victoria wanted steak in her lunch and asked me to make sure it was in a tight container.  I put it in a real glass pyrex that seals tight.
She went to open it at lunch and the whole thing flew out of her hand and the steak was all over the floor.  The nice lunch helper cleaned it up and told her to get a hot lunch.  She informed her "loudly" "My mom doesn't trust the lunch lady!"  Yes, it's true I no longer trust the PIN # system but good grief, no need to alert everyone on staff.  So she got her toasted cheese sandwich and sat down.  I went in to see her.  She was handling it well.

Thank goodness she ended up getting 100% on her spelling test after all.
I'm certain she won't forget her shoes tomorrow.  But what the hell is safe to pack in her lunch?!

Thank goodness she is actually extremely responsible for a six year old and this was just one day.

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