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Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Along with Three Kids

Mark went back to work today so I was home along with all three kids for the first time.  I didn't sleep much last night but luckily our day went very smoothly.  Brecken ate often this morning and not long after settled in for a three hour nap.  The Big Kids were very willing to help me pick up and organize toys in the basement.  They played so nicely together it made the whole day peaceful.  Whenever I had to feed the baby they went and played together or one or both would cuddle up to the side of me and watch as I fed him - all the while talking about how cute his is.  We did venture out to Walmart.  I prepped the kids the whole way there about being on their best behavior and how I really need them to be role models.  Once I lifted the carseat into the cart it was a breeze.  So far we're blessed that Brecken sleeps whenever moving.  So in the car or cart he peacefully sleeps making everything much easier.

Therese took the Big Kids to dinner and games at the mall so Mark, Brecken and I went out to dinner.  By that time I was so tired I just wanted to eat and get home to sleep.  Overall, it was a wonderful day!

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