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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slowly Getting Back to Normal

For a couple days now I've been keeping a close eye on Brecken's belly button.  It's gotten greenish with some discharge and it even started smelling yesterday.  I made an appointment for today last night at 8:50pm.  We couldn't get in with our own pediatrician but I just didn't want to wait another day in case it was infected.  Christian and I took him in at 11:20 today only to be surprised by our usual pediatrician.  He saw Brecken's name listed and switched things around so he could be the one who saw him.  That made my day.

It turned out there they left too much cord when they clipped it and it was beginning to rot.  How disgusting is that??!!  He cut most of it off and cauterized the rest of it.  Poor Christian had his hands over his eyes saying over and over, "Does that hurt him?"  He proceeded to do the two week check up so I don't have to go back on Tuesday.  Infants are supposed to gain an ounce a day.  In the six days it's been since we were there Brecken has gained 10 ounces which puts him at 8 pounds 14 ounces.  The doctor looked right at me and said, "Here's your proof he's a healthy growing baby."  It made me so happy.  Finally (knock on wood) things seem to be going our way.

After the appointment Victoria had a friend's birthday party at the Skating Rink.  I brought all three of them so Christian could get some energy out too at Open Skating and I kept Brecken concealed for 99.99% of it.  Mark met us there so I could take Christian and Brecken home so we wouldn't have to stay for the whole three hours.

Mark's brother Johnny stopped for a visit and got to feed Brecken a full four ounces from a bottle.

Then we had a quick dinner and headed off to swim lessons.  Mark and I divided and conquered again.  I took Christian and Brecken and Mark met us for Victoria's lesson and then we left and I had C in bed before they even got home.

Brecken slept through, pretty much, the entire day, except when I woke him every three hours to eat.  I have a feeling I'm going to pay for the tomorrow.

It feels good to have energy and be busy again.

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  1. He's a pretty amazing little guy. I'm glad for you that you got a "good" baby.