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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy yesterday.  I was a bit skeptical this lady could really help me, but I am/was desperate so I went.  She had me sit in the most comfortable over stuffed leather recliner as she asked me a bunch of questions.  She had to bend, walk, etc. and taught me an exercise with a ball between my knees and a couple strategies for transitions from sitting or laying to the standing position (which is where the real pain is).

But then, she pulled out a two inch thick belt.  She put it low on my waist and tightened it up while I was standing.  Instantly, the pain subsided.  I started laughing like a crazy person I was so relieved.  "Can I take this home today?!"  I blurted.  I did get to walk out of there with it on, limping less and walking faster.  The only problem is when I take it off the pain is back.  Possibly worse, or maybe it's such a relief to not have the pain for a while that it just seems worse.  I go back again in three weeks.  Hopefully stronger than I am now so I can do more exercises that will help this pelvis fuse back properly.

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