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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What They Really Think About Their New Brother

Victoria enjoys sitting under the kitchen table as I pump to watch the milk fall into the bottles.  She informs me of which side is filling faster, the size of the drops of milk and how fast they are falling.  She informed me, "Your body is really recognizing pumping now!  I love to watch milk fall from your nibbles!"  Yes, that is what she calls them, nibbles.

"Mom, did you know God was going to send us the cutest baby in the world?" - Victoria completely serious.

"Please don't make me go to bed, I just want to be with Brecken!  I love him so much!" - Christian

"Is today a family day?  I just want to hold him all day long." - Christian

They argue about who gets to hold him first and who held him longer.  They love taking turns feeding him a morning bottle that I pumped in the night just for that purpose.  They love to rush to wash their hands when they walk in the door so they can start touching his cheeks and head.  They love to entertain him by dancing, making faces or reading him a story.  They even found a box of letter and word cards and they take turns teaching him letters.

They are proud to show him off to anyone who would let them.

This little boy is so blessed to have a Big Big Sister and Big Brother!

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  1. that is so precious! Of course they are the best big sibs!