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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Give Me a Bath

Giving my baby a bath is my favorite time of the day.  He started out taking baths in our kitchen sink.  This always seemed weird to me, until I finally tried it.  
GENIUS!  I'd bathe all the kids in there if I could.

Look what a little adorable bundle he was! 
We was a few weeks old here.

A couple weeks later he could look up and smile.
I was singing along to Nick Lachey's lullabies here.
(Note the clutter in the corner. Gone baby gone.  It's my summer resolution to be counter clutter clean.)

Look at those Baby Eyes looking up at me.
So precious!

Snuggled in his little towel.

 Still looking at me.
I LOVE that little boy!

I think I'll stick him in the sink tomorrow just to see how huge he is!

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  1. You never bathed V and C in the sink? Wow, that surprises me. Sink bathing is the best. My mom bathed us in the sink and I've bathed every baby I know in the sink. It is awesome and easier than a tub any day!