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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cuttin' Down the Ol' Christmas Tree

Each year we drive to Stacy, MN to get our tree.
This year, due to our busy schedules we headed there the week before Thanksgiving.
It was one hour after they opened for the season and the most perfect trees were everywhere.

It was 14 degrees.
And windy.

The kids' favorite part is always driving the big truck.

Can you see the joy??

There is it.
Our beauty!

I pulled poor Brecky out of the truck for about 
for about 30 seconds and stuck him back in.
It was super duper cold.

Yet, I take a close look at this picture and for some God for saken reason Christian has a sweatshirt on!
Not his coat, that I know we had with!

There it is!

No snow.
No problem!

She cut down part of one of the branches Mark cut off the tree.
It is still in her room.

Look no seat belts!
We're rebels!

Tree shaking and netting.

It home and lit and perfect!

Everyone loves our ornaments.
I'm sure every family thinks they have amazing ornaments.
But man, ours are really awesome! ;-)

Her ornament from her 1st grade teacher.
I sent this pic to her.

It was the magical start to our holiday traditions!

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