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Sunday, December 22, 2013

State Fair 2013

Liv's friend Elena let us park on her driveway (lawn) so we were free and a short walk to the fair. 
 Not many people can say that!

My friend who used to be our librarian at our school volunteers at this booth.
One of my faves!!

We were all gushing over Brecken's FIRST TIME EVER at the fair!

Their choices after the Little Farm Hands
No surprises, V chose a stuffed animal and C choose ice cream at 8am.

I dont even know where we were or that Mark got this shot:
But my baby wanted to kiss me!! 
This was a new thing to him back in August!

First year we ever got the kids "The Bucket."
Who the heck needs a BUCKET of cookies?! 
Mark bought it, not me!

Who am I to talk?!
This was about 10am!
Mommy's happy!

Too close for comfort!

That is a big pig!

I have a soft spot for nursing mommy's.
I'm not sure if this poor mommy needs privacy or if she's showing everyone this is how babies are fed
 - so deal with it!

This was one they insisted on standing in a long line for.
Milking a cow!

The both did it!

This cute little dude was content on hanging out.

V got her blue ribbon for recording a word for each letter of the alphabet
 through out the fair.  

She's the kind of girl who likes a mission and completes it!

V and my friend Sue!.

The usually carnival games that kids think are the best!

Mark totally loves the games more as much as the kids.

I love this one because she's so annoyed his little had is on her shoulder.
That's possibly an elbow to his side.

He couldn't be any happier.
Either of them!

Fun house the reminds us of Papa Wayne!

To touch a real house:

By 2:00 we learned (later) there were 220,00 people at the fair.

Then we left!

Great memories great year at the fair!

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