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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brecken's Birthday Eve

Here it is.  The Eve of Brecken's first birthday.  It is so bittersweet.  It seems like just the other day I was walking out to the car in massive pain on the way to the hospital.  It seems like just the other day we got the shock of a lifetime when we were told an ambulance was on the way to whisk away our baby who was just a few hours old.  

It seems like just the other day I was blogging about how many days old he was and I typed: Soon we will refer to how many weeks old he is.  Then months.  Next thing we'll know he will be turning one.  

Everyone knows that first year flies by.  Every day that little baby changes.  I have, literally, thousands of pictures of Brecken from his first year.  I wanted time to stand still every day.  But he kept on growing and changing and learning.  

One thing that hasn't changed is how much his brother and sister adore him!
I love this picture of him just a few days old and Victoria and Christian are sitting on the floor just watching him.

One year later, and they both still get excited each and every morning when he wakes up.
Usually, all three of us walk into his room to greet him.
They just love everything about him!

I love this picture of the three of them. 
Christian and him sure look like brothers!!
Christian loved that they were dressing as twins.
And I loved it too!

I quickly snapped this behind the scenes picture at Brecken's first birthday photo shoot.
I turned my head and noticed how entranced both 
Victoria and Christian were cheering him on to dig into his cake.
The just adore him!

And he clearly loves them too!!

Brecken is officially a full time walker.
He doesn't crawl at all any more.
A couple trips to Chuck E. Cheese this week turned him into a walker.
He wanted to be like the big kids and run around.
He won't even hold my hand.
He wants to fit in with his big brother and big sister.

This is the picture I used for his birthday invitation.
I love everything about it.
His fine whispy super blonde hair, his eyes shaped just like Victoria's,
 his adorable I Am One Year Old Smile.  
Love, love love it.

This picture is my current All Time Fave.
Not much cuter than a "baby" in a tie.
Oh, he's so sweet!

This picture makes me smile.
Starting tomorrow morning and continuing thru April 5th we will be celebrating this little boy.

The little boy that calls me Nonna instead of Momma.
The little boy that reaches for me when he's tired.
The little boy that I hold and sing to each night while I rub his perfect little eyebrows.
The little boy that crawls under his crib to hide while I call for him and he giggles the entire time,
usually with one foot poking out.
The little boy who gets into everything, everywhere all day long.
The little boy who melts my heart each and every day.
The little boy that showed me I am capable of so much more love than I ever imagined.  

Tomorrow is a big day!

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  1. Beautiful display of amazing love and bond between the two of you! Happy 1st birthday, Brecken! And, happy day to Brecken's Nonna! ;)