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Friday, March 21, 2014

March Madness First Round

Wofford lost = Christian doesn't  have a shot.

Shockingly, Mercer beat Duke today = Mommy doesn't have a shot either.

Victoria currently has 17 points.  Which is double one family member.

They are currently munching on popcorn watching the George Washington team play Memphis.  We all happen to choose George Washington.

This will become a Humphrey Family Tradition!!


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  2. I picked Florida, and they're still in it. However, three out of four of my Final Four teams have lost, so it's not looking good for me. I had a great first round, but after that, things went downhill FAST. Go V! I'm now rooting for Virginia for you, I didn't pick them, but I'd love for you to win!

  3. V still has FL and VA in it! C is completely out. We will do this every year!!