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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Liv's Birthday Week

My wonderful friend Livi turned the big 35 this weekend!
On Thursday I took all the kids to daycare and then picked up Liv for lunch at Sunsets.
We power shopped.
We laughed hysterically.
We had a great time.
The three hours flew by.
In the parking lot of her work as we were saying good-bye.

But not for long as the kids and I "crashed" her family birthday lunch.
We were technically invited.  
However the Bday Girl forgot to mention to Grandma Kaye that we were coming.
The kids had a blast playing with Liv's nieces and nephews.

For the first time in a long time Mark and I went out to party.
And oh man, did we ever.
Liv is holding one of the gifts we gave her.
A Christian Kane wine glass.
I must say, it seemed like she liked it.  I think the loud gasp gave it away;-)

The night was filled with lots of Liv's friends and her entire family.
We played darts and trivia, took a shot, ate good food and drank (a lot) beer and had such a fun night!
It may go down (in my mind) as my favorite of all of her birthdays.
Well, besides that time we went to the salon and all got our hair done when we were 13.
That rocked too!

I loved that I got to see my favorite person several times the week of her birthday.

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