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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brecken's First Birthday

Brecken's first real birthday happened two weeks ago.
March 17 fell on a Monday, following Spring Break.
It just about broke my heart to drop him off at daycare that morning. 
But we made the best out of the time we were together.
Victoria and Christian were SOOOO excited for his birthday.
He had him dressed and opening present about 2.5 minutes after he finally woke up at 7:00.

Christian got him baby friendly art supplies.

He enjoyed eating the paper!

After searching several stores for the most perfect gift ever...
Victoria finally found BLUE cleaning supplies fit for the baby who loves cleaning the most!

Here he is with his very own mop and broom.
Since then, there's been many mornings I give in and let him 
hold his broom in the car on the way to daycare.
He loves them!!
And how much do you love his shirt?
He has quite the birthday gear wardrobe!

We had to make the annual It's My Birthday trip to McDonald's.
He climbed in the Playland for the first time that morning.
He loves their hotcakes!

I've come to realize it's almost impossible to get a good picture of all three kids looking at once.

When my class was at music at the end of the day 
I went and snatched him up from daycare and took him to Christian's class.
It was choice time in K and Christian was so excited to show him off.
Clearly Brecken just wanted to fit in and not be held back.

One of C's little friends touched Brecken's arm and kept saying how C had a soft baby.
C said, "You think his arm is soft, you should touch his cheeks!"

Then we strolled into V's 2nd grade class.
Brecken sat in her chair like he was there to learn.
He was a hit.

Here's my empty classroom.
Birthday Boy is rocking his shamrock headband, my badge and my car keys.
When I left school half an hour later is was running.
Little dude loves my keys;-)

I had many ideas for the evening of his birthday.
However, since he goes to bed at 5:30 and Monday is the start of the week I decided to keep it immediate family only and not even go out to dinner.
St. Patrick's Day night out seemed like a lot for a baby one year old when he likes to go to bed so early.
We picked up Chinese food on our way home and couldn't wait to let him at his birthday cake.

We kept him far away from the flames.
One kid starting on fire at her birthday was plenty for us.
As you can see there's a lot of thumb action.
This was about 5:00 and he was fading fast.

Then he started enjoying his cake and the frosting!

He started really waking up and partying in his high chair!

Looking as cute as ever.
Getting everything covered in a nice layer of frosting:-)

 Again, hard to get everyone looking at once!

After his bath he went right back to his favorite gift.
Mopping and sweeping is so fun!
Just ask him!

The night wouldn't be complete without a game or twenty of hide n seek.
This is currently is most favorite past time.

It's the best when he leaves a foot or leg hanging out and totally thinking he's hiding.
Sweetest thing ever.

It was a great day to kick off celebrating his birthday.
Looking forward to celebrating with all of our families and friends this weekend!

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  1. To me, that seems like the PERFECT first birthday for B. Happy Birthday, Brecken!