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Monday, March 24, 2014

Her First "Job"

We tried something new as a fundraiser this year.
We delivered the food to the tables at Culver's for two hours one Tuesday evening for 10% of the sales.
I'm totally into fun school things like this, so we headed straight home, picked up Mark and headed right over.  V had been looking forward to working for weeks!
We got there right away, ordered our food and chowed it down because it was time to work!
Christian was so sad he couldn't work.
But a kindergartner carrying food in the school lunch room is a nightmare, 
can you imagine in a public restaurant?!

Turns out you have to be in third grade to "work."
OMG!  What a nightmare, but it is what it is.
Until a teacher (who shall remain nameless, unless Jeanne figures it out;-) tells V to tell them she's in third grade.  That one grade doesn't seem like a stretch unless you saw the other kids working.  They were no less than 8 inches taller than her 
(I don't want to put their pics on here but it's hilarious with all of the standing together!).
The Culver's guy had her following the big kids as they were delivery the food.
She didn't want to lie.
And I did not want her to either.

Long story short:
She got to do a couple deliveries.
How happy is she?

We stole a hat for lil' bro' and he was happy too.
He's looking forward to working next year.
Little does he know.....

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