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Monday, March 24, 2014

World's Largest Sundae (Maybe?)

Last summer all five of us, plus Mama Jeanne, headed down to Marketfest on a Thursday night 
when the Wold's Largest Ice Cream Sundae was going to be put together and measured and then entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.  

I'm not one who loves crowds, especially with a small baby, but this was a chance of a lifetime!
We headed down.
It was frickin' packed to the gills sidewalk to sidewalk.
It was "Stand where you are and don't move" kind of positioning so we didn't lose out to the curb spot.
However, this event didn't start for nearly an hour after it was supposed to.  It was about 90 degrees and literally shoulder to shoulder.   It was close to unbearable, except it was so cool (like awesome cool - not cool like degrees because it was super hot!).  To witness something going to be in the Guinness was amazing.  We toughed it out and ultimately ate the ice cream from the Guinness book professed World's Largest Ice Cream Sundae.
Each scooped touched. Arnie Carlson was there.  The WBL Mayor Jo Emmerson was there.
It was pretty cool.

We've been waiting for the 2014 book to come out.
It did.  We went to but it at Barnes and Noble the first weekend it was available and looked it up in the glossary only to see WBL was NOT in the book.  I texted the pic of the city who WAS in the book to my friend who knows the Mayor who assured me she had the actual award in the office.

The Mayor was one of our Mystery Readers in Feb. and I asked her if she could bring the award.
Since our family is so into this, the Mayor thought all of my questions were funny.
The entire second grade came to listen to her read.
Then V became super sick (turns out pulled muscle gone wrong!) in the middle of it and missed the end which included the award. 
On the way walking the Mayor out, V was coming out of the nurse's office and I happen (thank goodness) to have my phone in my pocket from taking pics of the Mayor) to have my phone in my pocket and got this pic of them.

It looks legit.  However, the Guinness Book "People" spelled dessert wrong.
So we're not in the book for some unexplained reason but we have the 
World's Longest Ice Cream Sundae Desert.
Sounds like this should include cactus or something.

Either way, tons of fun!

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