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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Big Winner of I Love to Read Month

February is I Love to Read month.
Our school does so much for this month to pump kids up about reading, 
it's crazy. We have Mystery Readers everyday.
We had Read for the Gold Olympics style - keeping track of our daily minutes.
Our Media Specialist had her own Owl Always Love to Read contest.
Each 20 minutes read the student filled out a little slip of paper.
Victoria reads A LOT in any given month.
This month was no different.
At first she was pretty excited and filled out the slips.
Soon, it wasn't so exciting and she slacked on filling out the slips.
Personally, I'm not huge into the contests.
Kids should read because it's good for them.
And it's awesome.
The kids who don't want to are most likely going to cheat and bring in fists full of tickets anyway.
Victoria's name ended up getting pulled and although she wasn't the first name to get drawn she got the BEST PRIZE EVER!!
The media specialist MADE a reading quilt over our snow days (how's that for dedication??)!
Not only did, V win it she was so proud we made two stops on the way home to show it off!
It now covers her each night first with all her other favorite blankies on top of it.

When V came to my room at the end of the day with this quilt I was about to cry.
I held off until I saw her.
She stood there and showed Victoria the parts she did first and how each part went together.
Victoria listened intently.
If she wished that quilt would go to a student 
who loves to read and appreciated it to the fullest, 
she got it!

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