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Friday, September 26, 2014


This could go down as one of the roughest weeks since Brecken's birth.
It was pretty brutal.  Between some school stuff and Brecken's results from our Home Visits 
I'm pretty sure I haven't shed this many tears since March 2013.

However, many thanks to this man:

Who curled my hair for this man:

I made it to Friday.

This post is not about the Best.Night.Ever. and the memories I made with my high school/college friends (more to come!)
It's about my husband.
He texted me at 3:00 - Are you excited?
He came home early from work…
Literally to curl my hair.
(Yes, I did buy a $100 curling iron for the special night.  
Mark - don't look so shocked you were amazed at how well it worked;-)  
He did the entire after school and bedtime routine for all three kids.
He kissed me as I climbed into the van with my crazy friends.
He got the entire basement ready so my friends could spend the night.
He didn't seem to mind when we came plowing into the house about midnight (I think) 
with Taco Bell as if we still lived in River Falls.

A man who lets you enjoy yourself and your friends and life long dreams (turns out many times) over the years is one hell of a man.

Thanks Bunny.
It was all I envisioned and more.

Fun fact:
We did go over my vision minute by minute the night before.


  1. Wow!!! Just out of curiosity. . .does he give lessons? ;) So happy that you got to enjoy a dream come true! You deserve it all!

  2. Why are you doing your hair in the kitchen???

    1. Because we have three children and it was dinner time. Duh! ;-)